Rules and Regulations for the hotel

  1. Reservation and accommodation in the hotel is effected during twenty-four-hour.
  2. «CHECK-OUT» Time is 12:00 AM, «CHECK-IN» Time is 14:00 AM, Early arrival (from 7:00 to 13:00), and late check out (from 13:00 to 17:00) is charged separately.
  3. If the reservation is not paid, it will be canceled after 4 hours after arriving time. The hotel will guarantee bookings for pre-payment.
  4. Payment for hotel accommodation should be made in accordance with price-list in the Reception.
  5. Children are allowed to live in the hotel for free up to age of 6 (six). When a child is 7+ (seven+) years old, he/she is considered to be a grown-up and the payment should be as for an adult according to the price-list.
  6. In «Check in» Guest should fill the questionnaire for accommodation and provide identification documents (for example- passport). Afterthe Guest has chosen apartment he should receive a bill for accommodation and pay for it.
  7. If the guest stays more than one day the payment should be made separately for each passing day.
  8. In case of changing his/her intention guest can cancel the reservation and receive a refund after the written request.
  9. Visitors are welcome between the hours of 08.00 AM and 10.00 PM.
  10. Guests who stay at the hotel must comply with health standards, fire safety, and rules of public accommodation.
  11. Small pets are allowed to live in the hotel for additional price - 290 UAH. 
  12. Any damage, or missing furniture and equipment resulting from guests’ behavior or that of their visitors, shall be charged to their bill.
  13. The Hotel recommends to all guests to store and lock personal valuables into the safety deposit boxes at the Hotel’s reception. The Hotel is not liable for any loss of or damage to valuables left freely in the room or in common areas of the Hotel.
  14. Cancellation of a guaranteed reservation should be made not later than 24 hours before the arrival by the phone or email.
  15. In case of late cancellation the hotel has a right for compensation of 100% of the price for accommodation for 1 day. In this case, the amount paid is not refundable. If you miss more than one day, the reservation will be canceled.